My GYF Experience – It’s the People that Matter Most

As my internship at GYF is quickly coming to an end, I wanted to reflect on my time at this firm. From start to finish, the people at GYF have continued to impress me with their patience, willingness to help, and welcoming personas. Even during some of the most stressful peaks of trying to meet busy season deadlines, I was always thanked for my help and someone always found the time to answer my many questions. At GYF, I have felt appreciated, comfortable, and supported during a time of incredible professional growth.

When I think back on experiences I valued over the past few months, I find that it was actually the little things that mattered most. I appreciated being able to connect with people in-person again. I appreciated when seniors would send me funny GIFs on Teams. I appreciated partners taking the time to pop their heads into the intern room and thank us for our time and for our efforts. I appreciated the endless supply of drinks and snacks that were always available in the kitchen. I appreciated being treated as not just an intern, but as a respected contributor of the firm.

My advice to anyone that may be an incoming intern, or even a new hire, is to place value on the little things. To most, a job is literally just a job. It is something that we all have to do in order to receive a pay check and live our lives. I would challenge people though to think about the impact that our jobs have on our personal lives and wellbeing. Perhaps the most impactful lesson I learned throughout my internship at GYF has been that a job is not in fact just a job. Being surrounded by good people that want to not only see you succeed professionally, but place an emphasis on your happiness, is hard to come by. I now know that no matter where I end up working in the future, recognizing the importance of these little things will dictate where I stay or where I go. This is something that GYF both understands and has mastered – it’s the people that matter most.

Jenny Listwak

Jenny Listwak

Jenny graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2021 with a B.S. in Accounting & Information Systems. As a 2022 GYF Tax Intern, she helped prepare corporate and individual returns.

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