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From my time starting at GYF in January until now in May, I have grown immensely as a person. I have learned more about accounting in my four months at GYF than I did in all my college classes combined. The amount of training and time that staff and management are willing to provide is unbelievable. Above everything else, the attitude of everyone working here is so kind and approachable. I never felt like I was bothering the senior I was working with or that I asked a silly question. It truly felt like a community here, and I felt as though everyone was rooting for me.

I have also progressed quickly in my skills. Because of all of the time and effort those around me were willing to put in, I have grown exponentially faster than I could have anywhere else. I spoke with one of the partners in my first days here. He knew my name and my university before I even knew who he was! He told me that the mentality at GYF that he preaches to everyone, no matter what level, is to make everyone around you a superstar. I will never forget that brief interaction. I can truly say that attitude perfectly sums up GYF. The people here want you to succeed, and they will take the time to ensure that you can.

My time as an intern has taught me three key lessons. First, the people around you are the greatest factor for success and learning. Second, my attitude towards work and training is paramount. I could be completely new to a topic, but if I am excited and ready to learn, I will progress and be successful in the end. Finally, it has taught me to really appreciate what others bring to the table and to value everyone’s role as part of a team. The people above me can teach me with their knowledge and experience, and they deserve my respect. My peers can motivate me and help me solve the minor issues that arise. And I will be able to learn from the people who will come in behind me, because teaching is the greatest way to master a skill. I am so excited to grow as my career continues at GYF and to have an opportunity to help other young people have an experience as good as mine.

Noah Adalbert

Noah Adalbert

Noah graduated from Geneva College in May 2022 with a dual B.S. degree in Accounting and Finance. As a Spring 2022 GYF Tax Intern, he helped prepare corporate and individual returns. Noah will continue his GYF career as a full-time Audit Staff Associate in the Fall of 2022.

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